How to choose a coffee machine for your workplace

Choosing a coffee machine for your workplace is made easier once you have identified the coffee and other hot drinks needs of your employees. If you have a large staff or your business is a food service one, you may be interested in industrial coffee machines that can handle a large output. However, if you have a small to medium sized business or office, a smaller hot drinks dispenser may be the most suitable for you.

Four key questions to ask before choosing an office coffee machine

How to choose a hot drinks machine is an easy question to answer once certain key questions are answered…

  • Are there going to be a high volume of users for the machine? There is no point renting small coffee vending machines if you are going to have a large number of staff and clients making use of it, just like there’s no point in having a huge coffee vending machine if you employ six people. To suit your businesses needs there are many different sizes available, from a table-top coffee machine to a large, free-standing model
  • Do you want to drink more than just coffee? Rather than a machine that serves only coffee, perhaps your company would be suited to a hot drinks machine that can dispense a selection of beverages such as tea and hot chocolate as well as coffee. There are also different brands of hot drinks to consider. Depending on the model, a NescafĂ© coffee machine may not serve a different brand’s product and so your choice of coffee machine can limit your choice of beverage. Alternatively if all you want is coffee you can get a small pod coffee machine pretty cheaply
  • espresso-machineWould you have your staff or visitors pay for their coffee or let them have it for free? There are some commercial coffee machines that require payment for a hot drink, and others that will just dispense a beverage on demand. When considering what coffee machine for rent, keep in mind whether you can afford to give the coffee away for free, or if it would be better for people to pay for their own.
  • Would you like to own the machine or rent it? This may not be the most obvious question to ask when considering the addition of a coffee and tea vending machine to your business. Depending on the sales deal you are able to get from a supplier, there may be limits to the servicing warranty, the brand or type of coffee supplied, or even the location of the coffee machine. While not all coffee machine suppliers will have a restriction such as these, it is worth researching whether the different terms of a contract before agreeing to rent a vending machine over outright purchase.

What else might influence my decision to hire a Coffee Machine?

There are always going to be outside factors involved in any purchase. We have looked at some of the things on the client side that determine the type of coffee machine that suits your office. Please refer to our other page which outlines the services offered by coffee machine hire companies if you would like to find out more about what to expect from the supplier side of the transaction. Also, if you are interested in tea and coffee vending machines for your place of work, you can get free quotes from a number of suppliers by going to our comparison site.

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