What are my coffee machine rental options?

There are numerous different options when it comes to commercial coffee machine rental. In essence, the basic function of any office hot drinks machine is the same. A tea and coffee vending machine is brought in to provide fresh hot drinks on demand, without anyone having to physically make it. The specific type of unit you should get, once you decide to rent a vending machine, all depends on a number of simple factors.

Important things to consider regarding commercial coffee machine rental in the UK

When deciding which of the many available coffee machines for businesses suits your company’s needs the best, you must first assess what those needs are.

  • How many people are going to be using the table top hot drinks machines. There is a large difference in the type of commercial coffee vending machine required to suit a small office that does not get a lot of users, and a large office cafeteria that has to produce a large volume of coffee. Having industrial coffee machines would be completely unnecessary in a small office but ideal for the latter.
  • coffee-cupProduct range. If the office coffee vending machine is branded, for example a NescafĂ© coffee machine, it may restrict the range of drinks that the machine can produce. Some units are made in such a way that they will only accept branded cartridges to make drinks from. Whichever company has branded the machine may have a very high quality product and offer a wide range of drinks, but it is worth checking before you decide on coffee machine rental. If tastes in the office or business premises are more compatible with a limited product range, it could prove an unfortunate waste of resources to hire a coffee machine.
  • The size of the unit. The unit your company gets through coffee machine rental must suit your company. If you have a small office where space is at a premium, a large coffee machine that stands alone may simply take up too much space. Luckily there are a wide array of sizes to choose from when looking to rent a coffee machine, ranging from table top models to large automatic commercial coffee machines.
  • The sales package. When entering into a contract for office coffee machine rental, the terms of a sales agreement are of great importance. Several questions should be asked of the supplier. Will they offer delivery or installation of the hot drinks machine? Who will be responsible for refilling stock levels? Is there a servicing warranty with rental coffee machines?

There are a number of coffee machine suppliers in the UK and abroad who stock a wide range of vending machines that would suit your needs. To get free quotes and further information for coffee machine rental, have a look at our main website to find out which suppliers match your requirements.

Making a decision with regards to coffee machine rental for office

There are a few other small considerations to take into account once the decision has been made to rent a vending machine. Some companies will offer a supply of accessories to go along with the machine, such as different snacks, flavouring shots, and their own supply of cups. There are different models offering similar functionality, though one may suit the decor of your office better. When leasing coffee machines, all of the above aspects should be taken into account to ensure the best coffee machine rental package for your company can be obtained

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