Which Hot Drinks machine is most suitable for my workplace?

The decision to opt for an office hot drinks machine should only be made after having done a little research into the tastes and desires of the potential users, the volume of use expected and, especially if you were to rent a vending machine, the possible size and space limits you face in your chosen location. In addition, it’s also very important consider the deal or sales package you are getting from a supplier.

Key factors to take into account when choosing a Drinks Vending Machine

There are, of course, food vending machines, but for the moment we shall concentrate on the potential choices for a beverage dispenser. There are a number of different vending options for your office. Depending on the needs and tastes of your intended consumers, hot drinks vending machines may not necessarily be the best solution.

  • Canned Drinks Dispensers: Sometimes branded as Coke machines, these dispense canned soft drinks on demand. They can be very low cost to rent, as the branding on the unit may count as free advertising, and the responsibility for coffee-cupsstock levels and maintenance will generally fall to the supplier. There is little waste, as the cans can be recycled and soft drinks can provide a sugar boost and instant refreshment for a consumer.
  • Hot Drinks Vending Machines: Some coffee machines for businesses can come with limited functionality, whereas other hot drinks vending machines can dispense a variety of products. Drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, plain hot water or milk can be made fresh with minimum mess, save for disposal of the cup.
  • Cold Drinks Dispensers: Often found in the same area as a tea and coffee vending machine such as a cafeteria or office kitchen, a cold drinks machine can be an alternative to hot drinks vending machines. These are machines that will dispense water, fresh fruit juice, milk and other non-carbonated chilled drinks.

There are many options open to a company looking to hire a coffee machine or add any other type of vending machine to their office premises. Whether your staff or customers would like the use of hot drinks vending machines or something different, our suppliers would be delighted to provide you with a free quote and explain how they can meet your needs.

How are Tea and Coffee Vending Machines better than an Office Kitchen?

This entirely depends on the office and who is expected to use the facilities provided. If there are expected to be a lot of people who would like a hot drink, a kitchen area may be provided. However, a kitchen may become crowded – there may be problems keeping the area neat, or there may be storage problems. Smaller offices may not have space for a separate kitchen or drinks preparation area, but a single hot drinks vending machine can provide a variety of drinks whilst taking up only a small amount of space.  If you’re still unsure as to whether your office would benefit from a drinks machine, you may prefer to rent a vending machine – finding a supplier that can offer a short or flexible contract would give you the opportunity to try out a tea and coffee machine without making a commitment upfront.

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