I need a high volume coffee machine. What are my options?

if you have a large team or a large number of people coming through your premises then you might be in need of t a high volume coffee machine. That’s a coffee machine that is specially designed to deal with the high levels of wear and tear associated with uses in excess of 50 a day without constant attention. They’re also designed with the ingredient capacity to not need constant refilling and change emptying.

What type of service contracts are available?

coffeeIf you need one of these high volume coffee vending machines then you are a very good negotiating position indeed. If your machines are dispensing more than fifty beverages a day then you are in the enviable position of being the holy grail of clients for vending machine companies. You can usually even leverage this position into a very good contract. It is for instance entirely possible that you would pay nothing for your vending machine or your ingredients and the vending company would simply take the profits from the machine, though this depends on the usage of the machine.

Essentially, the point to remember is that these companies are going to need you more than you need them so don’t be afraid to haggle within reason. Also, every vending company is different and the incentives offered by one may well be better than the incentives offered by another so it pays to shop around and compare prices. One great way to do this is through a price comparison site like this one. Why not fill out the above questionnaire and let us put you in touch with a range of suppliers of high usage coffee vending machines.

What exactly does a service contract entail?

Details vary but a service contract for a high usage vending machine should contain the following…

  1. Regular scheduled refills: The frequency of these will depend on your usage of the machine and will be worked out and  optimised as your contract progresses
  2. Regular money collection: This is important to get right as, if the cash collector gets full the vending machine cannot operate, if it is too empty the machine cannot give change. Again, the proper frequency for this will be worked out between you and the supplier
  3. Regular maintenance and cleaning: All vending machines and, in particular, coffee machines have operating standards that must be met for both hygiene and safety. This should be the sole responsibility of the  vending machine operator
There are other additional services that are useful but not always offered. If your vending machine provider does not offer these ask why not and consider going elsewhere, even if the price is not as good.
  1. Dedicated Account Managers: The importance of having one person who knows the history of your contract and is responsible for it cannot be over-estimated. If you do not have this, you’ll waste a lot of time re-explaining the situation with your account every time you call
  2. 24-hour call out: vending machines, like all machines, sometimes break down. You need to know that you can rely on your vending machine provider to fix problems within a given time-frame. Ask serious questions of any provider not willing to commit to a time-frame for dealing with issues
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