Services offered by coffee machine hire companies

When you decide to hire a coffee vending machine it is vital to know what to expect from a coffee machine hire company. With so many suppliers in the market with varying offers and sales packages, educating yourself about what to expect from a supplier of tea and coffee vending machines is an important aspect of the process.

How to get the most from coffee machine hire

There are a few common elements to take into account when considering leasing coffee machines for your workplace.  Our list is by no means exhaustive, and many other services and add-ons may be offered by individual suppliers. That said, there are a few main points to watch out for when researching coffee machine hire –
•   Pricing. This can be influenced by a number of factors, such as how many people are expected to use the machine, whether you want users pay for their own coffee or whether the you’d like to provide a hot drinks machine that is free to use, or even what type of coffee machine is required – some coffee machine suppliers may rent a coffee machine to your company for free.
•    The sales package. For any coffee machine hire contract, details such as the delivery and installation of the machine can be of vital importance. For a small office hot drinks machine this may be a matter of convenience and courtesy. However, for industrial coffee machines that need to be plumbed in, installation can be a significant hidden expense added to the cost of coffee machine hire. Another concern is the range of products that can be used with a coffee and tea vending machine. Some branded machines, like a nescafé coffee machine or kenco coffee machine will only accept their own branded drinks cartridges. If you would prefer to use your own preferred brands of coffee, a supplier that cannot be flexible with regards to branded versus universal office hot drinks machines may not be the most suitable choice.
•    After-sales care. If you sign up for coffee machine hire with a supplier, will they offer servicing of the machine or replacement if necessary? Will you or the supplier be responsible for the supply of coffee for the machine? A common concern with products such as industrial coffee machines or commercial coffee machines for use in restaurants or a café, is whether or not cups and other crockery are provided.

There are other things to consider when preparing to hire a coffee machine, or indeed to buy one. What is listed here covers the main services to look for in a supplier. However, there may be different issues with each individual company, such as current availability of a specific model or a limited range of products.

Researching coffee machines for businesses

The internet is the perfect place to start for anyone interested in coffee machine hire for their office or place of business. Our site is intended as a resource for those interested in the hire of a hot drinks machine. However, we can’t cover each separate supplier’s product range and sales deals. Further information on individual suppliers’ offers and free quotes can be found by going to our main comparison site.

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