Can businesses hire free coffee machines?

There are several different options available to a business that would like a commercial automatic coffee machine, including certain deals that allow you to get free coffee machines. However, it is worth noting that price is not the most important factor when deciding whether or not to rent a coffee machine. Of course, it can be a big consideration when making the final decision, but should not be a guiding principle.

What are the pros and cons of hiring free automatic coffee machines for office?

Before any decision is made about the hire of an automatic coffee machine, there are a few small questions to be answered to assess what type of deal or machine would best suit your company’s requirements.

  • Size. Depending on whether the proposed location is in a large or small office or premises, the size of the hot drinks machine will vary. There is little point in demanding commercial coffee machines for hire for an office with a small number of employees and or visitors. Small coffee vending machines can be stored discreetly when not in use, and will certainly take up less room than industrial coffee machines.
  • Variety. Depending on the tastes of the prospective users of the hot drinks machine, different types of machine may be more suited than others. It could be that only basic models with limited functionality will be offered your company as free coffee machines. Deciding on whether you want to rent a coffee machine only, a tea and coffee vending machine, or a machine that can offer a variety of hot drinks such as hot chocolate and different coffees is an important step. This decision as regards the needs of your company can greatly affect the range of suitable free coffee machines. When considering variety, it is also wise to consider the brand variety compatibility of a machine. A branded coffee maker, for example Kenco vending machines, may only accept that brand’s own pre-formed cartridges for drinks. If the potential users of the machine prefer to use their own freshly ground coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, certain free coffee machines could turn out to be the wrong decision as they would not be used.
  • Supplier service. With a deal for free coffee machines, some aspects of supplier service may be left out that would be included for customers who have chosen the leasing coffee machines. If opting for a free vending machine, it is advisable to ask if the supplier offers delivery or installation of the unit. Ascertain who will have the responsibility of refilling the stock in the vending machine and who has responsibility for servicing. Ask whether their free coffee machines come with a less extensive warranty than a paid-for machine, or do they come with a warranty at all?

Does every supplier offer free coffee machines for offices?

It is important to note that not every supplier offering type of coffee machine that would suit your office can offer free commercial coffee machines for hire. It may be as simple a thing as your location not providing enough business for the supplier to justify giving you free coffee machines. The office hot drinks machine market is quite a competitive one, so it is recommended that you ask for quotes and information on services offered from individual suppliers. By using our main site, you can request free quotes from a number of suppliers that will be able to put a sales package together that is tailored to meet your requirements.

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