Why you need an Office Coffee Machine

In a lot of ways an office coffee machine represents the ideal perk to offer staff – it is both a morale boosting treat for your workforce and makes sense as a business investment. The morale boosting side of that equation is obvious, staff will appreciate the ability to get a good cup of coffee whenever they want it; but how about the investment how does that work.

Well, think about it. It’s no secret that a refreshed worker is a more productive worker – the old cliché about some workers being no use until they’ve had their coffee is completely true in a lot of cases, so why on earth would you want to make it hard for them to get it. Here’s another way of looking at it. In a lot of companies across the UK the notion of popping out to the coffee shop is tacitly accepted, like smoking, this wastes countless hours of workers time per year. Most bosses reluctantly accept that there’s nothing they can do about cigarette breaks, there is however something to be done about the coffee shop excuse. If you have good quality coffee in your own office then the legitimacy of workers to take long sojourns to the coffee shop is reduced.

What about the cost of Office Coffee Machines?

coffee-machineThat’s a point to consider certainly, but it may not be a steep as you think. If you’ve got a small office then a table-top machine might be all you need. These can actually be bought outright for as little as £3-400 though obviously the ongoing cost of coffee etc., builds up. Alternatively rental deals that include ingredients, servicing and, if applicable, change emptying are available for very reasonable sums.

If you have a larger workforce and space for a bigger coffee vending machine then the picture is even brighter for you. If the usage of this machine is likely to be high, perhaps exceeding 40-50 uses a day then the company may be willing to provide and maintain the machine for free or for very little, taking their profit from the money that is out into the machine itself.

Do Office Coffee Machines take up a lot of space?

They can do, obviously, but this largely depends on what you need them for and the usage they are likely to get. The vast majority of businesses in the UK would do very well with a simple table top coffee machine. These units are entirely capable of servicing offices of around 50-70 people and take up no more space than an old style computer monitor.

Different types of Table-Top Coffee Machines

  • Pod Coffee Machines: These work by inserting a hermetically sealed pod of dried coffee grounds into a machine. Water is then poured through this pod to make the cup of coffee. These machines are the most space economical coffee machines available currently and the coffee is usually of a very high standard.
  • Bean To Cup Machines: This is probably the coffee purists choice. These work by actually grinding the beans for each cup of coffee, making the coffee through a miniaturised version of what a barrista does at your local coffee shop. The downside of these machines is that they are larger as they have to incorporate much more technology, they also produce coffee grounds which have to be disposed of regularly, but if you really want a ‘proper’ cup of coffee they’re a good way to go. Don’t forget about espresso machines!
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