Hidden Benefits of Office Coffee Machines

If you’re a small business-person, you might see an office coffee machine as a luxury. Whilst you are certainly right that a business can function perfectly adequately without a coffee machine, it’s possible that you haven’t thought through the benefits of a coffee machine fully enough. If you think a coffee machine is more money than it’s worth, take a look at the following hidden benefits of office coffee machines and you might just change your mind.


The old cliché about office workers being useless before they’ve had their coffee has more than a little grounding in reality, as anyone with staff will surely know. For this reason, it’s surely a good idea to provide easy access to with an office coffee machine. Install a coffee machine your staff’s morale will be lifted, and you’ll reap the efficiency benefits of alert focussed workers.

Staff Time

In many offices the concept of ‘nipping out to the coffee shop’ has become accepted as something for staff to do, just like the socially acceptable ‘cigarette breaks’. Unless you’re particularly keen on being seem as a slave driver, you probably don’t want to place an outright ban on these excursions. However, you can discourage them by removing the need and installing the facilities for good quality coffee in your office. It’s hard to see too many people deciding to give £2.50 to Starbucks every day when they can get the same thing in the office for free or for a few pence.


Whilst, as outlined above, installing a coffee machine can be a very sound management move in its own right, it’s also just a nice thing to do for your team. Your staff will most likely see it as a thank-you for all their hard work and diligence, which is always a good thing to take credit for.

So you see, whilst you don’t technically ‘need’ a coffee machine it might be an idea to think about it as more than just a luxury purchase.

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