Pod Coffee Machines: A great solution for Small Businesses

Pod coffee machines represent the simplest and fastest way to make an espresso coffee. Rather than grinding coffee beans or pouring ground coffee into a strainer or cafettiere they simplify the process. All you have to do to get your cup of coffee is simply put your pre packaged coffee pod into your coffee machine and it does the rest. Different types of coffee are available of course, and many pod coffee machines can add water/different amounts of milk can be added to make Americano, Latte, cappucino coffee etc if you so desire.

How do I get one?

pod-coffeePod coffee machines can be bought relatively inexpensively, however, if you do it this way then you will be responsible for reordering coffee pods which is a regular expense and hassle for you. This is why it’s often easier to enter into a rental agreement with a coffee machine provider who will take care of all maintenance, and replenish your coffee pod supply at agreed intervals. This not only saves you work, you also avoid the expense of buying a coffee pod machine outright.

To get a range of quotes from up to four coffee pod machine suppliers, why not dill out the short form above.

What you should expect from a Coffee Machine Supplier

Maintenance: One of the major selling points of a pod coffee machine is that they are relatively simple to operate and there’s not a lot to go wrong with them. For this reason, service contracts tend to be a lot less in depth than they would be for a larger coffee vending machines, for instance. However, it’s still important to get firm commitments from your provider on things like response times for breakages and maintenance as it’s annoying to not be able to use something you have paid for.

Replenishment: This is likely to be the most important part of the relationship with your pod coffee machine supplier. Before you sign anything, you need to make sure that your contract has the necessary flexibility to allow you to specify the regularity of the delivery of new¬†coffee pods and other sundries like cups, etc. You also need control over the amounts of particular types of coffee you get, as inevitably some are going to be more popular than others and the last thing you want is to have an office that’s overflowing with unused coffee pods.

What are the alternatives to Pod Coffee Machines?

There are a few alternatives to pod coffee machines but none that are quite so convenient. Whether you go with one will depend largely on your circumstances or tastes. If, for instance, you are a real coffee gourmand you might prefer a bean to cup coffee machine that actually grinds the beans, though this can entail extra expense and upkeep. If you have a bigger team, you might prefer to go with a large coffee vending machine, as pod coffee machines tend to be smaller and less well suited to heavy use.

However, if you, like most UK business, have a workforce of 1-50 people, then you might find that an office coffee pod machine does the job very well indeed. You can also visit this website to get more info about coffee pod machines.

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