Short on Space. How about a Commercial Espresso Machine?

One of the major factors that puts people off getting a coffee vending machine for their office is space. People tend to equate the word vending machine, with a large unit that takes up  three square foot of valuable office real-estate and drains you power supply mercilessly. It needn’t be that way. If you don’t have the space for a large coffee machine in your workplace or just lack the inclination to install an traditional office coffee machine, there are plenty of alternatives amongst the ranks of commercial espresso machines.espresso

Is it real espresso though?

If you define real espresso as a coffee that has been made with real that are freshly ground, then yes, that is absolutely possible. Bean to cup machines have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. It is now possible to get a machine that grinds the beans, boils the water and makes the espresso all within about thirty seconds. What’s more this machine needn’t take up a lot of space. all this can be done through a table top unit about the size of an old computer monitor. There’s not an office in the world that doesnt have room for that?

Am I going to end up with bags of Coffee Beans all over the place?

Not necessarily. There are other options besides ‘bean-to-cup’ coffee machines. Pod coffee machines are another way to get excellent coffee. All you do to make a cup is simply place a small coffee pod filled with pre-ground coffee into the machine and press a button, the machine does the rest. Now, a purist may say this isn’t as good as a bean to cup but the quality of these machines is more than decent, and certainly good enough for 8.30 on a Monday morning.

What if I want a different kind of coffee?

What is an espresso when it really comes down to it? Just concentrated coffee. As such, start with an espresso and you have the building blocks of any coffee you like. want an americano? just add some hot water (most espresso machines have this function). Want a latte? Just microwave some milk and add it. Once you realise this you start to see how unnecessary large coffee vending machines can be.

Do I have to buy an office espresso machine or can I rent?

There are two main options when it comes to getting an espresso machine for your office.

  • Buying a Coffee Machine: This is not as expensive as you might think. A good pod or bean to cup coffee machine can be purchased outright for about £3-400 though you then have to buy the beans or coffee pods as and when you need. The advantage of doing it this way is you don’t get into a contract, however, you do have to remember to reorder the coffee pods, which is another level of admin for someone
  • Coffee Machine Rental: The benefit of this is two-fold. One, you avoid a capital outlay on what is essentially a luxury, sometimes never having to spend any money at all on the unit; two, most rental schemes also include a service package that takes away the hassle of re-ordering coffee, servicing etc. The downside is that you are usually tied into a contract, which can make it hard to switch suppliers if you spot a better deal elsewhere
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