Why coffee vending machine rental is better than other types ?

There are many different types of commercial hot drinks machine and cold drinks dispensers on the market today, so why would a company decide on coffee vending machine rental for their office over a different type of vending machine? Providing refreshment for their staff, visitors or customers is a small step a company can take that will provide great returns in job satisfaction and company image. There are many different coffee machines for businesses available, but also many other types of machine. This page will weigh up the differences in your company’s options to rent a vending machine of any type.

Office coffee machine rental in the UK versus soft drinks machine rental

The question can be decided on a few points –

  • Consumer taste. When considering coffee vending machine rental for your company, it may be a good idea to take a poll of the potential users of the commercial coffee machine over what products they would prefer to have in the office. If there is a clear preference for commercial coffee machine hire over a soft drinks machine then the choice is made easy.
  • If there is limited space in you office, would coffee vending machines for rent be more suitable than a different hot vending-machinebeverage dispenser that may take up a lot more room? A familiar sight in large open areas such as train and bus stations, drinks cans dispensers can have a large area footprint that may make them unsuited to a smaller office space. Certain types of office hot drinks machine can be small enough to be stored in a cupboard when not in use.  A soft drinks machine can be bulky and garish, whereas a coffee and tea vending machine can be discreet. It looks better for a company to offer a visitor a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea than point them in the direction of a canned drink dispenser. What’s more, soft drinks can always be kept in a fridge for easy access, but quality coffee is always better when consumed freshly made.
  • For a health-conscious staff, the ready availability of sugary soft drinks is unlikely to appeal, whereas a tea and coffee vending machine can dispense refreshing drinks low in calories, with the option of having no sugar yet still gaining an energy boost.

Following on from the last point made, another advantage of renting a coffee machine could be that those employees that bring in soft drinks from outside, may be encouraged to cut them out with the introduction of a more appealing alternative.

Can my company afford to rent a commercial hot drinks machine?

With a range of lease and rental options available, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find an affordable solution. Even if you cannot find a suitable deal from suppliers of coffee machines, there is always the possibility of purchasing one. If you are operating on a tight budget, there are plenty of high quality second hand coffee machines available. To get quotes for renting coffee machines from different suppliers, plus information on the purchase of an office hot drinks machine, please take a look at our main site.

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