What is in our coffee machines?

It is one of the world’s most popular drinks, and one of the most valuable traded commodities on the market. Millions of people every day drink it to perk themselves up, as an accessory to conversation, as a way to welcome a guest and as a way to unwind. Yet a surprisingly low number of these daily consumers know exactly what it is that comes out of our coffee machines. Before you decide to hire a coffee machine for your company, it might prove interesting to take a look at is produced by the hot drinks machine.

How coffee beans are cultivated for use in professional espresso coffee machines for office.

There are only a small number of facts about coffee to be learned, but knowing them can only add to the experience each time you go to the coffee and tea vending machine in your office.

  • cappuccinoCoffee is cultivated not from beans, but seeds. The drink is made from the seeds of coffee cherries that grown in only certain parts of the world. Commonly these are called the coffee bean, and are usually picked processed, and dried before being roasted.
  • The coffee plant comes in two main types.¬† Arabica and Robusta varieties both grow in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Arabica is the most common variety, giving more flavour and is less bitter than its brother. Robusta coffee is 40-50 % higher in caffeine though, and is most commonly used in espresso coffee machines. There are those that will argue for the pros and cons of each of the different varieties, but the blend of the two in the final drink is a matter of taste and there is no right or wrong blend to use.
  • Before the coffee is roasted to produce its familiar flavour, it may be put through a process of decaffeination to remove the stimulant caffeine from the drink. This option is for those who just want to enjoy the taste without the extra shot of energy a cup of coffee generally provides.
  • The seeds are roasted to varying degrees depending on what flavour is desired and then ground up for use in our coffee machines.

Can I still support Fairtrade and rent a coffee machine?

The Fairtrade system is a scheme set up to support coffee growers and helping them get fair payment for their produce. Whether your company supports this with the coffee machines you choose for your place of business is up to you and whoever you choose to rent a vending machine from. Depending on the type of coffee machine you pick, you may be limited to a predetermined selection of compatible coffee cartridges that might not include Fairtrade coffee. A Nescafé coffee machine may have its own branded cartridge inserts that will not work with Kenco coffee machines. It is well worth considering whether a potential hot drinks dispenser can accept a Fairtrade brand of coffee, or even different flavours depending on the tastes of the consumer.

To find out more about the options you have to hire a coffee vending machine, or even buy one, please have a look at our main site and get free quotes from several UK suppliers.

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